Mini Toy Bag - Space Dust

Fabric: Tough, nylon/poly, water-resistant 
Cord: Durable black nylon, Edge: cream nylon
Cleaning: Machine wash cold / hang dry 
Size: 16″ wide x 6″ edge 
Made: Made in USA – Seattle 
Ages 3+ This product contains small parts. This is NOT a toy.

Need a simple toy storage solution in your life? Swoop Mini Bags to the rescue! Our Mini toy storage bag is a portable toy bag for kids and families on the go! Ideal for Lego storage and anything else you want to tote around - snacks & lunches, cosmetics, knitting supplies, tech gadgets and collections of all sorts. When your kids want to take their legos in the car - no problem! This Swoop Mini toy bag is your go-to bag for lego storage as it makes it simple and easy to take your favorite toys anywhere. "Just them Swoop it up!"

Use: Pull cords outward to secure closed with cord locks. 

How much Lego does it hold? These toy bags hold over 5 lbs of Lego!

Care: Machine wash cold + hang dry.