Cool Modern Lego Storage Idea

March 01, 2015

Lego Bags, Cubes or Bins - you choose!

We created a post a few years back regarding a handful of lego storage solutions and decided to do an updated post narrowing it down to our TOP 5 Cool + Modern Lego Storage Ideas. Yes, we are very biased since we think our Swoop Bags are the best and make cleanup time the easiest, but we know that some kids and parents prefer other methods of organizing their Lego pieces as well. We like streamlined and simple designs without a lot of extra added details. It was a bit challenging to find, but here is our top 5 choices :

  1. Lego Storage Brick I really do love the simplicity and modern vibe of these Lego brand plastic containers. They come in a variety of colors and look pretty darn cool in a room. It looks like there are a variety of sizes as well.
  2. Iris 6-drawer Organizer with Casters If we were super organized with our Lego pieces we would choose this stackable, movable storage cart. It comes in a white/clear version that would really make a pop! with a bunch of bright, colored lego pieces in them.
  3. Swoop Bags Our first vote! Lego pieces (or other toys like trains, blocks, Polly Pockets, etc.) are are stored in this 100% cotton canvas bag. The bag functions as a play mat as well when open up (44″ in diameter) where multiple kids can play around the bag. When it is time to cleanup, you just grab durable nylon cords on each side and “Swoop Up” the bag. We love that you can easily take this bag to any room of the house. Made in USA / Seattle, too.
  4. Simple Basic Storage Container This is a no-frills kind of toy storage bin. It could look nice with multiple bins in a row on a shelf. Again, the cleanup time after they are dumped is something to consider (hint: Swoop Bags!) This would also work for any kind of toys. 
  5. Lego Mini figure Display Case This is a great little way to display your most coveted Lego Mini Figures. You can stack them up on top of each other or even mount them on the wall for more of a “display” look. Comes in Red or Black.