The Swoop Story

Over forty years ago (1978), my grandmother gave my brother a handmade toy bag for his heaping pile of LEGO. Years later, when my own son got knee-deep into Legos (2011), my mom remembered that bag and made a similar one for my boys. Friends would come over to our house and say, “WOW! Where did you get that bag? What a fantastic idea to help contain the crazy Lego mess!” Right then the idea of Swoop Bags was born.

Launched in 2011, Swoop Bags are a re-imagined, modern version of the original toy bag my grandmother made. As a graphic designer who loves and breathes modern design and a busy mother of two Lego-loving boys, I sought out to create a bag that was modern in style, simple to use, and very well made. Quality and using the best fabric and materials has always been our #1 priority. We wanted to design a product that would lasts a lifetime and be passed down through generations.

Swoop Bags are designed to make cleanup time easy and simple. Every Swoop has a 6" soft edge piece to help contain small toys. We added this design element in 2016 and it has been a game-changer for our bags. Instead of a flat mat, it's more like a fabric container.

Our bags come in bold, bright, timeless, solid colors as well as neutrals and are designed to looks great in any space.

“Just SWOOP-it-up!”

Sarah Kirk



the swoop bags story about

My grandmother Betsy - the inspiration behind Swoop Bags. She was a woman of style and simplicity. She created this toy bag (the one on the left) for my brother and his Lego collection in the 1970s. I redesigned and modernized her bag in 2011 (the one the right). Since then, we have updated our bags over the years and have added various materials and colors. As of 2023 we just launched our line of organic bags.