Our friends over at WOLF + FRIENDS have a mission to create a website that offers an "informative, imaginative + inclusive shopping experience that will give parents the unique opportunity to design a lifestyle that will match where their child is in their development. In acknowledging the individualized needs of a child, our goal is to educate families about shopping for specialized toys, decor, furniture, and clothes for children, especially their children with sensory sensitivities, learning differences, developmental delays or other diagnoses with intention and compassion."

wolf and friends


We love working with them and thank them for promoting Swoop Bags..."We especially love the design of Swoop Bags for children with sensory issues and developmental delays, who can easily become frustrated and overwhelmed with a cluttered room or play space—it is essential to find ways to minimize their anxiety, and one simple way is by making clean up a breeze. Swoop bags allow them to easily put away their toys and other items—fast, and in a fun, super stylish way."


Wolf + Friends are hosting a giveaway on their Instagram feed, so head HERE to enter to win a large Swoop Bag (your color choice).