Jackson Pollock Minis

September 21, 2018

canvas mini lego bagscanvas mini bag for legosmonochrome canvas toy bags

modern cool bag for legosWe are bringing back some of our mini bags in CANVAS! New to our collection is our hand-painted Jackson Pollock style bag with a black nylon edge. It securely closes shut with the cord locks. These bags are ideal for small collections of toys (especially legos!) and can be easily toted from room to room, in the car or anywhere you are wanting to take those toys. We have a limited quantity in the paint splattered ones, so stock up soon if you are wanting these for holiday gifts.

"You know that awful feeling you get when you hear an entire box of LEGO get dumped in search of one teeny tiny piece!? Argh!! It’s like nails on a chalkboard. After hearing that terrible sound one too many times, I put all of Sloane’s LEGO in our @swoopbags. No need to dump, the bottom surface is large enough to sort IN THE BAG!! Total game changer over here.... I even let her bring her LEGO in my living room, right before guests arrived- that’s how much I trust the clean up process with @swoopbags. Seriously guys, this is a #lifehack"

Thank you @theworkspaceforchildren for your kinds words and for the 2nd + 4th photo above.