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October 01, 2015

Thank you!

We can't thank enough all the super,  awesome bloggers, people and customers out there that have been spreading the Swoop love since we launched in 2011. 

Testimonials from customers

Dear Sarah aDear Sarah and all other Swoop Crew,

My daughter and I were brainstorming our best idea of a gift for an adoption party coming up in a few days. I suggested the beloved Swoop Bag as a fabulous consideration.  We have purchased and gifted many many swoop bags!  All friends and family rave about how wonderful they are for creative play and easy clean-up and storage of Duplo and Lego collections. 

I ordered a swoop bag regular postage, expecting that we might have to gift a picture of the bag if it didn’t arrive in time. Within 24 hours that bag SWOOPED into our mailbox!!! I am extremely excited to gift this bag to our newly adopted one year old buddy.  I am over the top impressed with this innovative AND extra-efficient company!  

Tell everyone – every home with a creative child needs one of these bags!  Hurray, Swoop Bags, you have impressed me once again!
May 14, 2016, Customer email from Sue Anderson

“I just have to pass on how much I LOVE your product!!! A friend of mine sent me a link to your website because we were both discussing how impossible it was to keep the Legos that our boys play with organized. I ordered the red Swoop bag and I can’t tell you enough how happy I am to have found your product!! It is so durable, the color is great, and it makes clean up so easy!! The size is perfect for my 4 year old son to keep almost all of his Legos in and he is able to spread it out on the floor to get to each of them every time he goes to build. When it is time to clean up at the end of the day either one of us can easily pull the drawstring, cinch the bag, and place it in the drawer to his Lego table (which used to be his train table). It has got to be one of the greatest products ever!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! This Mom TRULY appreciates it!! :)”
Email from customer Kerry Kelly

“My name is Sandra Partridge and I purchased a green Swoop bag earlier this year and LOVE IT! Not only do i adore it, but every playdate I have had has asked me where I purchased it! THANK YOU for creating such a wonderful product.”
Email from Sandra Partridge

“Love my Swoop! People, if you don’t have one yet, get one. It’s worth every penny . . . the quality of the fabric and the workmanship means this Swoop will last forever! Yay!”
Sarah Callendar

“LOVE your bags! Genius idea :)”
Bobby Thomas, Style Editor of TODAY Show

“I just re-ordered the ones I had ordered for my son’s Legos and these things are the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you! They are truly an amazing product!!! I just placed another huge order for my sister and myself. I can’t wait to get one for my daughter’s polly pockets and some for everyday random play-mobile and I want a spare to have for the toys they take out only some of the time. They fit great in buckets or cubes and are just the perfect solution to clean up time.”
Posted by Amy Dufresne Valenti

“I have been obsessed with finding an easy solution to storing my kids gigantic lego collection. This is wonderful! Can’t wait to order ours! This is a dream product :)”
Posted by Mily Tremoti on our Facebook site

“I Just wanted to write to tell you how much we all LOVE our new swoop bags- I ordered one a couple of weeks ago and just wanted to share how great it is -my boys are carrying around the bag and playing way more with their legos now that they can see all that there is! We may have to get more!”
Email from Sarajane Giles

“Just found your site and I just wanted to write and say FANTASTIC! My kid is 18 now (but still has his legos and Star Wars toys). How these would have changed my life and saved my bare feet… I have passed them on to everyone I know. I am trying to think of another use for them for myself…”
Email from John O’Shea

“Hello Sarah, we hope you and your business are doing well.  We recently purchased a large Swoop bag and a small Swoop bag from your company, and was shipped to us in Australia. Firstly, we have to say, the quality of your products is fantastic and very well made.  It is such a great concept, as likewise in our family ancestry someone had made the same, but was never thought of again. No longer do we have the arguments about who has to clean up the lego on the floor. For this, I sincerely thank you. Secondly, the colours are beautiful. As we have a lot of lego, we instantly realized the beauty of this, and bookmarked your site. We hope your business is a great success, and we will no doubt purchase more in the future.”
Email from Rory Archer, Fully Brick Models

“I wanted to share how much I LOVE your product. My son received one as a gift for his birthday and I do not know how we have lived without this. WOW! I love the fact that everything stays together and then very quickly can be picked up. My feet are loving that I do not walk on any little pieces anymore! Great concept and thrilled that you are a MomPreneur as well! Kudos!”
Email from Jenn Kampmeier

“Hi there, I am writing to tell you just how much my son and I LOVE his Swoop bags. I recently purchased him both the Swoop and the Swoop Mini and we use them on a daily basis. My son is severely handicapped and receives Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Infant Stim for a combined 9 times a week. I recently took one of my sons Swoop bags with us to therapy to show his therapists how awesome it is and they too loved it! While in the waiting room we had about a dozen other moms ask us what it was and once we showed them they begged us to tell them where we got them!”
Email from Rachel Lambert

“We are a house full of Lego loving boys and now with the easy clean up, Mama can be a Lego lover too! We originally got a large orange crush bag for my 11 year old for Christmas. I was very impressed with the bag and he loved it so much, he asked for an additional one for his large Lego collection for his birthday. Hence the large purchase in February.  We love our swoop bags!”
Email from Kim Woodward

“Now that we’re a little more settled with our 3-week old little guy, I wanted to take the time to express our thanks for the Swoop Mini. It’s an awesome product that we will definitely recommend to other parents and we look forward to using it. We can’t express how blessed and appreciative we are for being winners in Jamie’s contest. We wish many returns to you and your Swoop family. Thank you very much.”
Email from Jon & Diane Sales

“Hello there, wanted to say that my two SWOOP bags arrived safely today. They look FAB, and I am SO excited about finally having a solution to tiny lego bricks all around my house! (Especially with the prospect of more and more lego arriving this Christmas!) Many thanks indeed. I have forwarded your website details to loads of other Mums, so hopefully you get lots more orders from the UK. I am tempted to order one in every colour – your range is so pretty.”
Email from Suzie Douglas

“Thanks so much, Sarah! My order arrived quickly and in good shape! I have been planning many possible uses for these cute mini-Swoop bags and can’t wait to give a couple of them to my grandson! Be assured that I will be returning soon for one of the larger bags! (-:  I will also be checking your site from time to time for any product news and updates. Does my online order put me on any type of newsletter or update list? I will also enjoy keeping up with your blog! I have enjoyed corresponding with you and greatly appreciate your kindness! You definitely have another satisfied customer you can add to add to your list! (-:”
Email from Cindy Patterson