Calling all Lego Lovers! Brickcon 2014

Calling all Lego Lovers! Brickcon 2014

Brickcon Event at Seattle Center

Lego Jewelry Artists at Brickson

We spent this past weekend as a vendor at the amazing BrickCon 2014 Lego Exhibition here in Seattle. The level of talent that was at this event was incredible!! BrickCon exhibits models created by adult LEGO® hobbyists (otherwise known as the AFOL – Adult Fans Of Lego – community) from around the nation and the world! I was blown away by so many cool designs and creations and all the fans that came through the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. We had such great feedback and comments from people stopping by our booth to check out Swoop Bags! Since we don’t always hear from our customers since they make their transactions online, it was so rewarding to meet and talk with them in person and hear their stories and to be able to tell our Swoop Bag story.

We got lucky enough to have our booth set up next to Miss Courageous who makes super, cool, LEGO jewelry such as rings, necklaces, money clips, hair pins other funky Lego-inspired designs. Another vendor who also specializes in Lego designed jewelry is Cutebricks. Check out her groovy display and her online Etsy shop, too!

Moving down vendor row… there was the super, talented Mariann Asanuma from Building Secrets who was previously a master builder at LEGOLAND. Her motto: “From big to small I can build it all.” And that is true! Her booth was packed with Lego jewelry, key chains, bracelets and more.

We also met Joe Meno, Editor in Chief of Brick Journal – “A magazine for Lego® enthusiasts of all ages!” You can purchase a tangible hard-copy subscription to this magazine or read about recent articles online. I am thinking this would be a good gift idea for my kid’s friends or anyone who wants to know the latest and greatest about what is happening in the world of Lego®.

Another fun vendor was Brickshirts – check out their COOL designs!

We thank all the MANY people at BrickCon for making this event possible and to be able to be a vendor and share our Lego-inspired products with the Lego community. And of course, none of this would be possible without LEGO®! Thank you! (More vendors and sponsors listed here.)