Less is More

October 01, 2014

Creating a Balanced and Uncluttered Home 

Photo credit: We “pinned” this photo from Pinterest months ago and when I frequently see it, it always brings a sense of calm and order and realization that I need to get to organizing again.

Honestly, do you feel loaded down by all the stuff you own? Stressed out when you are tripping over toys and opening up that closet that is the dumping zone for things you don’t want to deal with? As my husband always says “Stuff owns you – you don’t own stuff!” Over the years, I have learned to simplify my life and home and it feels so liberating. Getting rid of “that shirt that I haven’t worn in 5 years, but might someday?” feels so freeing. Do you really need that extra set of dishes in the cupboard or sheets in the closet? I try and purge every possible thing in my home that really doesn’t have a purpose, isn’t being used or is taking up space. I believe in quality over quantity and having a few really nice pieces – items in your home that you treasure and have meaning to you. I challenge you to go through each room (start with your bedroom) and purge! Scaling down and scaling back, creating a home and a lifestyle that brings you happiness not stress. I truly believe in “less is more.”

Check out these 10-minute tidy-up cards that you can do each day or over weeks or months. I think this would be a great way for kids to help out around the house as well. You can read more about these cards by Time to Organize right here.

The blog The Art of Simple was started by Tsh Oxenreider who is also the author of One Bite at a Time which is “An e-book that brings you 52 ideas for simplifying your life. You can do them in any order, at your own pace, and customize them to fit your needs.”

Some other website I find helpful:
Apartment Therapy / The Minimalist Mom / Zen Manifesto