16 Lego Storage Ideas

16 lego storage ideas

16 Lego Storage Ideas

the best lego storage ideas


Ok, OBVIOUSLY we are a bit biased as to what we believe is the best Lego storage solution but we thought we would share what we have gathered on the web for other options like bins and containers that can help organize/contain/cleanup the Lego clutter! Many kids like to organize their legos by color or by specific pieces. If you like to just throw all your pieces into one area, then Swoop Bags is ideal for your lego storage needs. Most often than not if using a bin or container, the pieces get spilled or dumped all over the floor. Our bags provide a circular playmat that kids can play around while the mess stays in the bag. I do love the look of those Lego heads though!

1) Play Visions Lego Cinch Bucket
2) Lego® Classic Shoulder Bag
3) X-Large LEGO® Storage Brick
4) Green X-Large LEGO® Storage Brick
5) Lego 3 Piece Toy Organizer Cubes
6) Iris Lego Minifigure and Brick Storage Case, Red
7) Lego Storage Heads
8) LEGO Head ZipBin Toy Tote & Playmat
9) Small Parts Storage Cabinet
10) Toy Dozer
11) Swoop Bags!
12) Box4Blox
13) Iris LEGO 6-Case Workstations and storage unit with 2 base plates
14) Medium Storage Bin
15) Neat-Oh! LEGO City Fire ZipBin Large Toy Box Playmat
16) Storage Tray Unit

You can find more information on these websites about the best Lego storage ideas and strategies and also helpful tips for getting organzized and simplifying your life and home.